CC take the lead at Rugby DRIVE workshop

Two thirds of the CC crew were on public display this week as Mickey, Tony and Phil hosted a workshop at the Arnold House as part of the Rugby DRIVE initiative.

“How to market your business and why” is an interactive concept, in which the attendees are put into groups before picking an envelope containing the name and details of an imaginary business.

Real scenarios

“The businesses are made up, but the scenarios described for each are very similar to ones we’ve come across in reality”, says Mickey. “The whole idea is to get everyone looking at the marketing process in a dispassionate, analytical way.

You can’t do that as easily when you are thinking about your own business because you’re too emotionally invested in it”, she explains. “Plus, at a mass participation event, we can’t expect people to necessarily talk openly about their own challenges and issues. The imaginary scenarios enable everyone to relax and share ideas freely”.

It’s all about the process

Mickey led most of the session, and Tony and Phil pitched in too. Tony was keen to emphasise how CC always work to a process, “It’s one of the things that makes CC stand out”, he says. “We’re not just a design agency, or a website agency. We’re a marketing and sales consultancy – and to do that properly you have to follow a process, otherwise you can’t accurately establish what you should be doing or to whom exactly you should be communicating”.

Relevant messages

Phil stepped up to add a copywriter’s angle, with a reminder about how important it is to define who the customer is and be realistic about cutting through their indifference with a relevant message.

Somehow, his props managed to include Mickey, a throne-like chair and a bottle of wine. But this is CC after all – you didn’t expect run-of-the mill did you?

Feedback immediately after the event was very positive. We’re glad to have got a few people thinking. Thanks to everyone who came along and supported Rugby DRIVE.

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